Rima Shaffer, Ph.D.
Executive, Team Wellness and Life Coaching

Be the change waiting to happen in you.

Nurture your dreams and aspirations ready to take flight.

Tap into your creativity and imagination- learn how to let your future emerge, how to breathe life into your dreams.

See your world with fresh eyes.

Gain skill and agility in reframing issues. Move from being stuck to creating the life you want for yourself. Learn how to understand and navigate through constant change. Become more resilient. See patterns and understand complex systems.

Awaken to new possibilities.

Sharpen your awareness; use your creativity and imagination to stretch your boundaries.

Listen to your heart singing.

Learn how to tap into optimism and positive energy to create synergy and attract your preferred future.

Greet your world with renewed energy, hope and confidence.

Explore ways to be fully present in the now. Tap into your personal resilience. Explore techniques for health, vitality, and wellness.

Make it happen!

Discover how you can have the life you want for yourself. Learn how to practice self-actualization.