Rima Shaffer, Ph.D.
Executive, Team Wellness and Life Coaching

What Her Clients Have to Say

Rima has an amazing level of expertise in interpersonal skills and group dynamics. She has intuitive gifts that enable her to be effective in her capacity as coach, teacher, facilitator, and consultant. She is brilliant, standing at the cusp of the spoken and the unspoken, revealed and hidden, conscious and unconscious, to have an impact on the individual or the organization she is working with. Rima recognizes strengths and taps into the potential that exists.

I feel such peace and tranquility in my life… Things that previously would have stressed me are now accommodated in a whole new manner. There is a calmness and contentedness that I have never previously experienced… The moon is fuller, smiles come easier, breathing is deeper…there is a whole new attitude.

Rima is truly inspiring, powerful and effective.

Rima is a gifted teacher, gently facilitating each one of us to do what we can for our own growth. She always urges us to challenge ourselves.

The strength, enthusiasm and knowledge she brings made this one of the most valuable experiences I've had.


Rima Shaffer is a gift! This experience opened my eyes.